Filippo Rossi

Offering what

one has received,

is what makes

one's life,

a life of value!

"It is by giving that

one receives the best

of everything!"

Why visit this website?

When I was younger, I was all about myself. Everything I used to do was out of a personal need, the need to be seen, observed, recognised, welcomed. My story, my childhood, the loss of my mother, the poverty of my early years, etc. had formed in me a constant desire to belong to something or someone, to possess what I did not have…

Then the years and Life, mistakes, encounters with extraordinary, special men, helped me to understand the preciousness of my being, I recognised myself as part of a whole, and finally I found what I had always been looking for, from my very first breath … I found Peace!

A Peace that brings with it infinitely great gifts such as Silence, Forgiveness….

Many people ask me to tell my story and so in this space, step by step, I will tell a beautiful story.

“I have been very lucky in my life: I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot and now it is time to tell a good story!”

My work as a consultant

I was still at university, studying medicine in Padua (Italy), when I first discovered the world of communication while attending Neuro-Linguistic Programming courses.

The secrets of communication, the possibility of helping others through many transformational techniques, fascinated me so much that, reluctantly and after many years of hesitation, I decided to quit my medical studies, even though I was only a few exams away from graduating, and to pursue a career as a coach, lecturer in training courses and consultant for companies in the areas of Communication, Organisation and Corporate Strategy.

  • Relational Communication – finding a common space in every situation for an effective sharing of intentions;
    Corporate Organisation – clearing space, coordinating actions, developing the overall Vision;
  • Strategy – working along lines of maximum efficiency and effectiveness, achieving one’s goals in the right time.

Investing in the development of one’s knowledge, developing skills in the company, letting oneself be guided by consultants who can accompany one on the path to self-improvement is the best a professional entrepreneur can do today.

Filippo Rossi - Docente e consulente