ONISON Evolution School

The ONISON Evolution School is an online training school that aims to develop a state of objective self-awareness. The school is based on a rule given to all students and advises them to check all the information they receive and never do anything they do not understand the reason. Passive and even less fideistic acceptance of the contents is absolutely not contemplated; on the contrary, it is desirable that each student, from time to time, devotes time to personal research, verification and deepening of what is taught for their personal evolution.

Lettura Tridimensionale

The Three-Dimensional Reading Method

It is a technique that I have developed and improved over more than 20 years. The Three-Dimensional Reading Method can help students and professionals read and study large amounts of text extremely quickly.

Professional Master Training

Professional Master Training

Professional Master Training is about sharing the experience of over 25 years of experience in the fields of Communication, Strategy, Business Organisation and much more.

Comunicazione relazionale

Relational Communication

There are many ways to communicate, and people usually tend to use the least effective method. In fact, many people talk to each other, thinking they are communicating, but they are actually only making monologues. The Relational Communication course aims to help participants communicate clearly, precisely, and in an oriented way in order to reach their goals.

Change Your Life Academy

Change Your Life Academy

The Change Your Life Academy is a 6-day study-holiday for young people aged between 10 and 17 years old that aims to help them learn in a practical, fun and fast way through the Three-Dimensional Reading method. In addition to learning this innovative learning method, during Change Your Life young people will experience an exciting educational journey that will lead them to discover their talents, believe in themselves and build inspiring friendships!